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Biography of Mont Hartman III Founder

My name is Mont Hartman, and I am a Sophomore at Highlands Ranch High School in Colorado.  I have participated in Spanish Honors, AP Human Geography, numerous Advanced Mathematics courses and have participated in many extra curricular activities such as Jazz Band, Concert Band.  I have also earned my Eagle Scout Award  through Boy Scouts.  The goal of The Missing Peace  is creating the missing humanitarian link within the mysterious puzzle of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I plan to create a social network, or High School “Clubhouse of friendship” for students affected with Autism.

My personnal aspiration is  to become a doctor.  I am interested in radiology. I hope to be the first individual in my family to become a Medical Doctor. I have met several practicing Radiologists in the past and I have found the subject fascinates me. Radiology may allow me to help detect signs of autism or learn to help through imagery to prevent the effects of neurological disorders.

There are many reasons why I dream of becoming a physician.  One of the most important reasons  is attributed to being a sibling of a child with Autism.   My little brother, Anthony, has Aspergers Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as hydrocephalus and polysyndactly on his hands and feet.  I have been a witness to his struggles in life.  I have grown up watching him undergo extensive amounts of medical care and treatments.  He has undergone everything from full body x-rays and CAT scans, to MRI’s, to visits to the ICU and spinal taps.  Along with 6 surgeries, tests and doctors visits thoughout his life, I have always attended those events and watched and pondered what it must be like to be a MD. I have always appreciated the ability they have to help people like my brother.

I have also become an advocate for my brother.  I witnessed the harsh social environment he has had to grow up in at school. Often times I was the eyes and ears on behalf of my brother.  I would have to stand up for him at times where he couldn’t do so himself.  He is very intelligent and has a different way of interpreting the world, he is social but is disconnected emotionally.  Therefore, he is socially awkward in the eyes of most nuero-typical children. He has been a vicitm of bullying all his life.  We have changed schools several times, and have tried to protect my brother from all the individuals that would victimize him.  Our family has learned that the problem isn’t coming from just one individual or school population, it is caused by a misunderstanding that children with Autism have social issues and are socially awkward and do not know how to create normal relationships or even a casual friendship.  This is attributed to the fact that many people, students and teachers alike, and many of the school staff are unaware of the symptoms / signs of Autism.  They develop the common opinion that these individuals are destined to become the class clowns, loners or losers.  They often assume it is due to a poor upbringing, poor parenting and bad behavior. The reality is they have a disorder that is not physical in nature, and therefore is hard to see or understand.

After watching my trusting brother fall victim to physical and emotional abuse, I wanted to find a way to raise Autism Awareness and most importantly compassion and companionship within our public school systems.

I have decided the best way to accomplish my goal of friendship for my brother and people like my brother is to form this organization called:

 The Missing PEACE.

I believe that his true PEACE in life is Friendship!

Shadowing Radiologists:
Dr. John Gerhold &
Dr. Jake Walsh
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